Watersoluble Crayons by Caran D'Ache

Day 30 - Stickmen Plus!

Day 29: A Second Pumpkin

Day 28: It Was Not

Day 27: May or May Not Be

Saturday Art Haul

Day 26: Back of the Couch - Conté Pencil

Day 25: Hotel Room Desk

Day 24: Partial Pumpkin

Day 23: Art Haul!

Day 22: First Pumpkin

Day 21: Sometimes You Start Over

Day 20: Starting an Art Challenge

Day 19: Swing and a Miss!

Day 18: Back to the Paints

Day 17: Random Desk Stuff

Day 16: Dinner Plate

Day 15: Last of those Groundhogs!

Day 14: You guessed it! Groundhog Day!

Starry Night - Wet in Wet technique

Day 13: Umm... Yes, Groundhog Day!

Day 12: Groundhog Day

Day 11: Groundhog Day

Day 10: Should Have Been Reflections...

Day 9: Shadows in the Morning Light

Day 8: Make a Toast!

Watercolour Graphite?!? Who knew?!

Day 7: Wakeup and Draw!

Musings on Why

Day 6: Contour Drawing from my Window

Day 5: Fill In the Shapes

Day 4: Shapes

Day 3: Measuring

Day 2: Negative Space

Day 1: Contour Line Drawing

Finding the time

Winnie the Pooh at 90

Student or Artist Grade

Inktense Art Haul