Day 20: Starting an Art Challenge

So, one solution to figuring out what to draw is to do art challenges. Lisa Clough of Lachri Fine Art offers a monthly challenge to her major Patreon supporters and I happen to be one of them, mostly as a way of thanking her for some pretty awesome videos that have taught me a lot.

In any case, this month she has a challenge involving pumpkins with a focus on getting values and shadows correct. Since I just happened to pick up a shiny new set of Prismacolor pencils today, what better way to break them in?

So, given that this is something I can work away on in bits and pieces for the next while, I'll probably use it as a way of filling in the moments artistically as Art Before Breakfast suggests. That means you'll probably get to see the progression as I go, though not every day as I also happen to like breaking out the watercolours.