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More iPad Art

Just some basic iPad paintings using Procreate. Far, far, away Mountain Lake

Smudge Gloves - SmudgeGuard vs the Universe!

If you're doing digital art on a screen like the iPad Pro or the Surface Studio, a must have is a glove to protect against screen smudges. Heck, if you're a an artist that is using more traditional media that can smudge, a glove can help. So, where to start?


Doodling some more with cartoon expressions using Procreate on the iPad. This app just keeps getting more fun to use.

Idea Prompts!

Quick hit to let you know that I've added an random idea prompt generator to the site! Check out the Idea Prompts  in page links at the top of the page to give it a try.

More doodling

Just another doodle. Had been meaning to post it, but kept forgetting to! Anyways, just playing around with various expressions on cartoon fruit using Procreate. I have a couple of other ideas in mind too.