Day 23: Art Haul!

 Some Amazon deliveries today! Not a huge haul, but I did get Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair. For those not familiar, Blair was a watercolourist and prestigious animator who animated some of notable scenes for a number of studios, including Disney. I linked his name to a short Wiki article on him for more details.

In any case, I did discover a PDF version of this book online. While I could have stuck with that, I really felt that the actual book, in high quality print, was the best way to go. I've always loved animated characters and animation and wanted to learn more about it, though I have no aspirations on being an animator. So, watch for more on this topic as I dig into the book over the coming weeks.

The other item is a set of 12 Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils, Copy not NP blue. These are really light, like seriously light, pencils and the basic idea is that you can sketch really loosely and then either cover them up or erase what you don't want.

As you can see from the photo to the right, they're quite faint and they are erasable. I've seen some complaints about the faintness online, but to me that's the actual point of these pencils. If I wanted them to be dark, I would have used something darker! There are dark blue and red options as well and I've seen a lot of illustrators use those.

So, anyways, day 23 can't just be me writing about my purchases and showing a partially erased swatch! That means I did do a little doodle and, in honour of the book coming in, it's got a cartoon feel...

First, I did the blue pencil sketch:

Then I did the pen overlay:

Weirdly, my blue lines were smoother. Also, if you look really closely, you can probably just make out the blue lines where I didn't exactly line up with the pen. Were I to colour this in, and erase outside the image, you wouldn't see them at all.