Day 25: Hotel Room Desk

Yesterday I had to travel to New York for business purposes and I had given myself enough time to kind of wander a bit given that I was staying the night in a good area. Fates conspired against me and the taxi I was in ended up being the middle vehicle of a three car collision.

That led me to spending some time at the Bellevue emergency room (I'm expecting a hefty bill at some point, but my insurance covers for international travel) and so by the time I finally got to the hotel, I just didn't have the energy, or the comfort, to go out and that led me to rough drawing the hotel room desk from my bed. Also, yes, I'm okay. Possible mild concussion and some muscle strain courtesy of the head fling, but checked out fine.

Pardon the "worse than usual" iPhone shot. Believe it or not, I actually like photography. :)