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Getting ready for World Watercolor Month!

Charlie Shields, the founder of Doodlewash , created the idea of a World Watercolor Month every July and it's an opportunity to get involved in a fun event and practice your skills at the same time.

Art Video of the Week - Creating Depth

This week Carrie, the Watercolor Misfit , walks through the process of creating depth in your art.

Time to Art - Flower Vine

So, I prepped up an image for the Copic 3-Colour Challenge for June, but while I'm waiting for the colours to actually arrive, I decided to transfer the image to watercolour paper and paint it.

SketchBox - June 2018

This month, as you may have guessed has a focus on gouache!

Time to Art - Stormy Seas

I'm tweaking the elements of the site again this week, this time with a concept around actually doing some art! I did post something like that last week and, similarly, I'm posting a watercolour painting of a stormy sea, complete with steps.