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Art Video of the Week - Picking Colours

I'm going to try out a new feature on the site called the Art Video of the Week that highlights a video, from the many I regularly watch on YouTube, every Sunday. With that, I'll try to explain what about the video caught my attention and why I liked it so much. So, for this week, I've selected How to pick the perfect colors for a drawing  by Art@Fadil What I really liked about this video is that he neatly walks you through the process of colour selection using your computer, but then he also provides a great analog example. The analog method is especially useful for out en plein air since you can use it to help isolate colours live. In any case, while the demonstration is about coloured pencils, the methods apply to any medium that is colour-based. Couple this with a value checker card and you have a pretty powerful toolkit for getting colour and value correct.

Blue Ridged Mountains

I watched this great tutorial by Ekatarina Smirnova on painting blue ridge mountains...

Confessions of an Art Supply Junkie

I must confess, I have an addiction to art supplies... Yep, it's true and I'm quite okay with it! Not looking for a cure. :D