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Art Haul!

Now that Christmas has passed, and I am allowed to buy for myself again, I decided it was time to reignite my interest in oil paints and so went and stocked up!

Watercolour Cards by Strathmore

It entirely remains to be seen if I actually give any of these as a Christmas Card this year, but it's definitely fun to play with these.

Demystify image resolution and DPI

As an avid photographer, I find myself drawn to questions around printing, resolution, and DPI on various digital art forums. A lot of the time, it's to answer the same call for help: "I forget to set the DPI of my image to 300 and I want to print!" Well, all is not lost...

Mini Paint Haul

Popped into a Michaels today, just to kill a bit of time, and was poking around their clearance section...

Adobe Fresco

Ah, the much anticipated Adobe Fresco has landed for the iPad. So, is it a Procreate killer?


For context, I first put in my coin in the mix back in August of 2018, so it's been a bit more than a year waiting for this to arrive. Was it worth the wait? Is it the best posing figure ever?

Running out of layers in Procreate?

Procreate is a great application, a must have for anyone looking to do digital art on an iPad. Now, if you have an iPad Pro, layer limitations can be less restrictive, but for anyone using one of the new non-pro iPads, the layer limit can be hit pretty quickly. So, what to do if you can't upgrade to an iPad Pro?

Converting a photo to line art with Procreate

Procreate is a very powerful tool, but some of the useful features are missing when compared to a behemoth like Photoshop. One in, particular, is line art conversion of a photo. Yet, there is a way to get close.

More iPad Art

Just some basic iPad paintings using Procreate.

Smudge Gloves - SmudgeGuard vs the Universe!

If you're doing digital art on a screen like the iPad Pro or the Surface Studio, a must have is a glove to protect against screen smudges. Heck, if you're a an artist that is using more traditional media that can smudge, a glove can help. So, where to start?


Doodling some more with cartoon expressions using Procreate on the iPad. This app just keeps getting more fun to use.

Idea Prompts!

Quick hit to let you know that I've added an random idea prompt generator to the site! Check out the Idea Prompts in page links at the top of the page to give it a try.

More doodling

Just another doodle. Had been meaning to post it, but kept forgetting to! Anyways, just playing around with various expressions on cartoon fruit using Procreate. I have a couple of other ideas in mind too.


I really enjoy Procreate for just doing some fun doodles. The other day I decided to draw the classic Mario Mushroom because I thought it would be a fun time killer.

Tonight, I switched gears into a fun doodle showing an apple grimacing after being chomped into. Don't get a complex!

Anyways, last night I started a dedicated page for tips that I might uncover about Procreate, so have a look at the menu at the top of the page. Only one tip, so far, but it's actually very useful!

10 of my favourite non-medium art supplies

There are lots of ways and means to create art. Mediums are nearly endless it seems and there are so many different tools and gadgets that just really help when it comes to making art. That leads me to a list of 10 of my favourite art supplies that isn't actually a medium or a support.

Teoh compares the Tab S4 to the iPad Air, it's interesting.

Teoh has an interesting video comparing the iPad Air 3 vs the Samsung Tab 4 as a general drawing tablet for the artist. Some really good information there, but I have some observations around the information and some of the comments...

Paperlike - Screen protector for the iPad

I've heard a lot of really good things about Paperlike from a number of different sources and so, I decided to give it a go.

The new iPad Mini with the Apple Pencil

I love the iPad Mini, I've had version 2 and I still have version 4. They're great combination of capability and size that allows for them to accompany you quite easily as you go about your day. The only thing missing, in my view, was the Apple Pencil. Until now.

There are lots of articles that talk to the specifications of the new iPad Mini, so I won't really get into them here. However, from a capability perspective, it's basically the same as it's larger sibling, the iPad Air, but in a smaller form factor. Neither are in the league of the powerful iPad Pro that I reviewed along with Procreate, but that doesn't mean that they can't do what you need.

So, what is that need? For me that would portable sketching and note taking and that's where the Apple Pencil comes in. Impressions?


Small and very portableLots of horsepower for what it's needed for, there is nothing in it's class on the Android side with this form factorHigh gamut colour di…

The weighty matter of watercolour paper

When many people think about paper, they generally think about the fairly standard copy paper found in reams of 500 sheets. In the art world, the choices are far more widely spread and, in particular, the weights.

Watercolour is one area in which the weight of the paper plays a pretty dramatic role in the outcome. Typical paper choices range from 90 lbs, 140 lbs, and 300 lbs, with corresponding increases in price as the weight goes up. There are also options like 200 lbs and 400 lbs out there as well.

Typical usage, for professional watercolour, seems to generally be 140 lbs (light water usage) and 300 lbs (heavy washes and wet layers). Carrie, of "Watercolor Misfit" fame, posted a video today on this very topic:

That also got me thinking about paper weight in general, notably how it gets weighed, and what that actually means. Turns out, it's not really all that cut and dried. In North America, particularly in the US, paper weight is in pounds per ream of 500 sheets, fo…

Handy Video on Cleaning Oil Paintbrushes

Cleaning paint brushes, especially those for oil painting, can be a challenge. In this Youtube video, Chuck Black takes you through the creation of a handy paintbrush cleaning can and how you can use it to clean your brushes.


Just playing around with starfields and star formations. Started as, possibly, a galaxy and ended up going with a more quasar-type look here.

Interestingly, I'm not super keen on the JPEG output here. It's definitely more vibrant and rich on the iPad.

Monochromatic Desert

Experimenting with converting a Photoshop technique to Procreate. In this case, mostly working with clipping masks with the landscape highlights. Palette was built by just tweaking the brightness setting for the base brown that I had chosen for the foreground.


More Procreate sketching while travelling. This is an island scene that I kind of came up with after a few starts and stops. I'm generally pretty happy with how it came out, so I could see it being one of these "let's draw it again" concepts a few years later.


A little bit of fun with Procreate while I was flying to Washington earlier this week. I may attempt this again when I getter better at Procreate. :)