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Art Video of the Week - Avoiding Muddy Colours

You'll often hear artists talk about working with a limited palette, restricting to primary colours, with the argument that with the primaries you can mix all other colours. Is this true? Well, to a point.

Art Video of the Week - What Mediums Do

This week, art instructor Dianne Mize takes us through the basics of oil paint mediums.

Art Video of the Week - 7 Habits

This week, Robin Clonts talks about the habits of successful artists as she does a few speed paintings of waves.

Coloured Pencil Blend Off!

The most recent SketchBox  contained a pair of Derwent blender pens for pencils and that was a really interesting tool to see. The other day, I was in Michaels and discovered Artist's Loft makes a similar pen. So? Time to test!

SketchBox #11 - Charcoal it is!

My SketchBox subscription for April arrived today and contains a lot to do with charcoal and, to be fair a little bit more...

Art Video of the Week - Graphite Blending

This week I've been doing some sketching using graphite since I tend to carry a small Moleskine sketchbook and a tin of pencils with me. Most of the time, I'm largely just doodling, but sometimes I get a bit more into the drawing, hence this week's video.