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Art Video of the Week - Drawing Trees

This week Chris, from LethalChris Drawing , takes us through the process and thinking he does when drawing trees using graphite. Of course, Chris makes it look effortless, but it's worth remembering that he has a lot of practice!

Art Video of the Week - Holding Your Pencil

This week, Leonardo Pereznieto  talks to us about holding the pencil for drawing. Like most of us, I usually hold it in the classic writing position which, I suppose, is a natural place to start. However, as Leonardo shows us, there are better ways if you are looking to improve...

Art Video of the Week - Improve Your People Proportions

Valerie Flynn of Art ala Carte  has a fun Youtube Channel  with quite a bit of good instructional material on there. Recently, she uploaded this gem on practicing your people proportions using stock images either on your computer or tablet, or with paper if you don't have the sketching capability on your device.

Art Video of the Week - Painting Clouds

This week we have a tutorial by one of my favourite Youtube Watercolour artists: Peter Sheeler . Peter has a pretty regular upload of videos usually demonstrating variations of his line and wash technique, but also videos that are a bit more instructional. This video has a focus on creating cloud formations.

SketchBox #2 - July

This month SketchBox seems to be on the theme of basic sketching with a selection of pencils and ink, notably: Staedtler 0.3mm Triplus Fineliners in 10 different colours 2 Derwent Procolour colour pencils (Distant Green & Burnt Yellow Ochre) Sakura Microperm .05 fine liner Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil set Small, SketchBox logo, triangle ruler (6" or 15cm length)

Art Video of the Week - Drawing Boxes

Shoo Rayner  is an author and illustrator specializing in children's books, but he has also written some drawing instructional books and currently maintains two Youtube channels ( Draw Stuff Real Easy and Shoo Rayner ) along with his personal website . This video focuses on getting to a fairly basic shape: boxes. I really like the easy, friendly, approach that Shoo takes with his instructions and I can highly recommend his other videos along with his book: Everyone Can Draw.