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The new iPad Mini with the Apple Pencil

I love the iPad Mini, I've had version 2 and I still have version 4. They're great combination of capability and size that allows for them to accompany you quite easily as you go about your day. The only thing missing, in my view, was the Apple Pencil. Until now. There are lots of articles that talk to the specifications of the new iPad Mini, so I won't really get into them here. However, from a capability perspective, it's basically the same as it's larger sibling, the iPad Air, but in a smaller form factor. Neither are in the league of the powerful iPad Pro  that I reviewed along with Procreate, but that doesn't mean that they can't do what you need. So, what is that need? For me that would portable sketching and note taking and that's where the Apple Pencil comes in. Impressions? Pros: Small and very portable Lots of horsepower for what it's needed for, there is nothing in it's class on the Android side with this form factor High

The weighty matter of watercolour paper

When many people think about paper, they generally think about the fairly standard copy paper found in reams of 500 sheets. In the art world, the choices are far more widely spread and, in particular, the weights. Watercolour is one area in which the weight of the paper plays a pretty dramatic role in the outcome. Typical paper choices range from 90 lbs, 140 lbs, and 300 lbs, with corresponding increases in price as the weight goes up. There are also options like 200 lbs and 400 lbs out there as well. Typical usage, for professional watercolour, seems to generally be 140 lbs (light water usage) and 300 lbs (heavy washes and wet layers). Carrie, of "Watercolor Misfit" fame, posted a video today on this very topic: That also got me thinking about paper weight in general, notably how it gets weighed, and what that actually means. Turns out, it's not really all that cut and dried. In North America, particularly in the US, paper weight is in pounds per ream of 500 s

Handy Video on Cleaning Oil Paintbrushes

Cleaning paint brushes, especially those for oil painting, can be a challenge. In this Youtube video, Chuck Black takes you through the creation of a handy paintbrush cleaning can and how you can use it to clean your brushes.