Procreate Tips

Procreate is an awesome app for the iPad, arguably the killer app for artists when it comes to tablets. As I've been playing around with it, exploring and learning, I'll be adding and updating tips that I uncover to this page, so keep an eye on it!

Tip #1: Use your finger for shapes

Do you get overlapping lines and uneven end points when you do a shape and pause for the Procreate smoothing to kick in? The smoothing doesn't smooth out pencil pressure  and so the secret is to use your finger!

Why? The finger isn't pressure sensitive so the line width remains constant for the shape and ensures the ends smoothly merge.
Tip #2: QuickMenu is Swipable

If you set up QuickMenu for touch, you can basically swipe into the menu item you want if you have the placement memorized. That's some seriously well-designed thinking. See this tweet:

Tip #3: Use alpha lock for texturing

Alpha lock is a great masking tool when adding texture on a layer. Let's say, for example, you want to texture tree bark on the same layer as the tree and you want to make sure you stay inside the lines of the tree. If you turn on alpha lock for the layer, any new editing on that layer will only effect the area that's already been painted. Handy feature if you're short on layers and/or you don't need to have a non-destructive workflow.