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Winsor & Newton Water Colour Markers

Borrowed from W&N to show the marker tips Winsor & Newton Water Colour Markers  came out, it appears, late spring in 2014 designed to create a marker that provided the precision and look of an alcohol-based marker while offering the ability to be used and blended with normal watercolour techniques including wet into wet or using wet brushes to blend and lighten.

Another Pumpkin!

If you recall from my past postings , I was slowly, but surely, working away on a coloured pencil drawing involving multiple pumpkins. Well, the third has materialized! A couple of things of minor note around this one...

To the Point

I just picked up the Derwent Super Point helical sharpener  from Amazon (delivered today, having Prime is dangerous at times). I was looking for a sharpener that could put a long point on coloured pencil and was, in fact, designed to be used with them as well as graphite. I'm not entirely sure where I came across the info on this one, but it was mentioned/reviewed briefly on Youtube by one of the folks I like to watch regularly and so I put it on my wish list pending a future decision.

Sketching in Paradise

I don't really paint anywhere as near as I ought to, but this Christmas we vacationed in Hawai'i spending time on Oahu and Big Island. I, of course, took some watercolours with me.