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Art Haul: Starring the Portable Painter

So, I saw a quick preview of the Portable Painter on The Mind of Water Color's YouTube Channel  and basically immediately ordered three of them from the Indiegogo project in early December. It did take a while to get them, they're not mass produced (yet), and mine just recently arrived. I think these will be a hit.

Kuretake Gansai Tambi

So, because I'm addicted to art supplies it seems, I ordered the Kuretake Gansai Tambi traditional Japanese watercolours from Amazon. As you cans see, these are very large pans of colour, about twice the size of a full pan, but they are shallower and so I think roughly comparable to a full pan. The set I bought contains 36 colours, though this does include white, two golds, and a silver, none of which is likely to see a lot of use from me (though you never know). The whole set is packaged in a cardboard box, but it's quite sturdy and is really nicely done. While it wouldn't hold up like a metal tin, it's still got some substance to it.