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Art Video of the Week - Faces in Proportion

Missed last week, I was on a mini-vacation in San Francisco , but this week we continue on the topic of the human head with a focus on facial features and proportions by Dan Beardshaw .

Art Video of the Week - How to Draw the Head

This week, Stan from Proko takes us through the essential lessons from Andrew Loomis' Drawing the Head and Hands .

SketchBox #9 - Intense with Inktense

The February SketchBox is here and this time the feature item is Derwent's Inktense.

Art Video of the Week - Coloured Pencil Mistakes

This week Lisa Clough takes us through seven "mistakes" that artists make with coloured pencils. What I like about this video, and Lisa's approach, is that she notes that mistake is only one when you're attempting to get a particular result and do not because of technique. If you like the result, then it's not a mistake.