Day 28: It Was Not

Well, I don't think I'm going to post a specific picture of my Gouache disaster that was, but suffice to say, there's lots to learn about working with this medium!

I don't mind that, though, it's a challenge to try and get my head around. Some immediate observations:

1. It handles very thickly, almost as though it's dry brush. I was using a 16 round that holds a ton of water and it really felt like it was dry going on to the surface even with the water dilution.

2. Mixing is more challenging with the brush. I'm very used to the way watercolour handles in this context and when I go to mix, it's pretty easy to clean the brush between each step so as to avoid contaminating the original paint source. Gouache is lot tougher to do that with as it is so thick, it adheres to the bristles that much more strongly.

3. It rewets easily. When applying a new layer over a dry one, you really need to be aware of this behaviour because the wet brush can reactivate the underlying paint and cause it to blend. That's a handy feature, but can lead to unexpected consequences if you're not prepared for it.

In any case, I love a good challenge and I really like water media, so Gouache will be conquered and become mine! In the meanwhile, back to square one on that painting for my cousin...