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(Click to enlarge) Just playing around with starfields and star formations. Started as, possibly, a galaxy and ended up going with a more quasar-type look here. Interestingly, I'm not super keen on the JPEG output here. It's definitely more vibrant and rich on the iPad.

Monochromatic Desert

(Click to Enlarge) Experimenting with converting a Photoshop technique to Procreate. In this case, mostly working with clipping masks with the landscape highlights. Palette was built by just tweaking the brightness setting for the base brown that I had chosen for the foreground.


(Click to Enlarge) More Procreate sketching while travelling. This is an island scene that I kind of came up with after a few starts and stops. I'm generally pretty happy with how it came out, so I could see it being one of these "let's draw it again" concepts a few years later.


(click to enlarge) A little bit of fun with Procreate while I was flying to Washington earlier this week. I may attempt this again when I getter better at Procreate. :)