Smudge Gloves - SmudgeGuard vs the Universe!

If you're doing digital art on a screen like the iPad Pro or the Surface Studio, a must have is a glove to protect against screen smudges. Heck, if you're a an artist that is using more traditional media that can smudge, a glove can help. So, where to start?

I have an original SmudgeGuard glove, medium size, as well as some copycat options from Huion and Senhai. The question always arises: is the price of the SmudgeGuard worth it?

That's a tricky question.

The SmudgeGuard is the original. It's very well made, with solid stitching, and a wide variety of sizes. It glides on the surface really well and there is no seam along the side of the hand that rests on the surface. All in all, a great product. It's also $24 plus tax.

Huion, which makes a wide variety of drawing tablets, including Wacom Cintiq alternatives, also has a smudge glove. It's not as well made as the SmudgeGuard as I found I was trimming stray threads and there is a seam along the side of the hand that rests on the surface. However, it's only $13 plus tax and it actually works perfectly fine and, admittedly, I haven't had any issues with the seam. Mind you, I don't draw for 8+ hours a day.

Finally, the Senhai smudge glove is really very, very, similar to the Huion but, interestingly, I haven't had a thread issue. It does have the side seam, it's a bit thinner, but also works great. It's 3 for $13 or 5 for $15.

So, what to get? Well, honestly, 5 for $15 is unbeatable. SmudgeGuard is a better glove, absolutely, but at $3/glove vs $24/glove, not seeing the price to value ratio, it's not even close if you're a casual artist. Professional artist, with the glove on for many hours at a time? Then I would give the SmudgeGuard a much closer look, that's where the seam is likely to become more annoying.