Paperlike - Screen protector for the iPad

I've heard a lot of really good things about Paperlike from a number of different sources and so, I decided to give it a go.

So, first off, ordering was very simple and the product arrived very quickly using standard post with no additional cost. Very prompt, something I really like, and they inform you when they ship. Thumbs up for service.

Secondly, instruction videos are really very good, and paced to follow on your own activity. I only paused once, to deal with some fussy dust marks. Really well done on that regards, so if you're going to buy, watch the videos. The included instruction sheet is not that clear.

For me, the biggest challenge was getting it on to the iPad dust free. My first attempt failed, so I ended up having a second go at. Another big thumbs up, they ship you two, just for this reason. Still managed to get dust under. Despite their help, it's just really, really, difficult to avoid, but I was able to lift and largely get it out. Thinking it may be best to do this after a nice, hot, shower and in the bathroom, as soon as you can after getting out.

So, for the acid test... yes, it feels a lot more like working with paper. There is definitely more grip for the pencil tip and so it feels more natural. I was impressed by how much of a difference that made, but...

I hated it.

Yep, hated it. Not because of the feel, but because the effect on the display. The loss of clarity on the screen just doesn't work for me. At all. I expected some, it's inevitable, but having never used a screen protector before, I just wasn't prepared for how much sharpness was lost. As a photographer, I would go nuts trying to ensure sharpness in an image with something like this in place and I do work with photos on my iPads and will do more of that when Photoshop lands for the iPad Pro.

Having said that, if I was only using my iPad for note taking and digital art then, yeah, I can see the interest in it. The product is clearly well made, does what it claims, and for that I would give them two thumbs up.

It's just not for me, your mileage may vary.