Teoh compares the Tab S4 to the iPad Air, it's interesting.

Teoh has an interesting video comparing the iPad Air 3 vs the Samsung Tab 4 as a general drawing tablet for the artist. Some really good information there, but I have some observations around the information and some of the comments...

In terms of the video, the results show that the iPad Air does produce a better drawing experience, especially when coupled with Procreate. For reference, here's the base prices of a few devices, in Canadian dollars:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 - $869.99
Apple iPad Air 3 - $649.00
Apple iPad Pro 11" - $999.00

The iPad Pro is more expensive, but not massively so and, admittedly, you need to buy the Apple Pencil. The Air, with pencil, is still cheaper and yet outperforms the drawing experience of the Tab S4, so it's clear that the Pro will be a step up. Up to you if the price difference is worth it, but I think it is.

However, what really caught my eye was the stylus difference. While the Tab S4 pen doesn't require charging, the design of the device is really bad. Ergonomics are highly suspect, especially the button positioning, but the tip is just:

I've used a lot of styluses out there, this is the worst I've ever seen on a premium product. The Apple Pencil, the Surface Pen, and every stylus out of Wacom is head and shoulders better. Head shaking on that one.

That leads me to some of the commentary... A few people noted that they "hated" Apple, but it was clear the experience on the iPad was better. Leaving aside the curious notion of "hate" for now, when pressed, it came down to "Apple products are overpriced for what you get" form of argument. That's a very curious argument to make in this context as it implies that the Samsung product is appropriately priced for what you get yet, as we've just learned, the experience on the lower priced iPad Air was better. That's cognitive dissonance leading me to say:

I think most people, to be honest, would be happy with either device. My general preference is for the Apple iOS ecosystem, but the Android ecosystem is also very good. Just a matter of which quirks I'm more willing to tolerate. Having said that, there is one truth from an art perspective and that is, Procreate is the killer app that Android is distinctly missing.

Anyways, here's Teoh's excellent video: