Watercolour Cards by Strathmore

It entirely remains to be seen if I actually give any of these as a Christmas Card this year, but it's definitely fun to play with these.

So, I don't often give away a lot of art. First, I'm really still just learning and so not really convinced that I should give it away. Second, I really do it for fun and relaxation. Having said that, when I discovered the Strathmore watercolour cards I thought, "why not?"

So, what's the deal? Well, these sell as a pack of 10 or a pack of 100. Needless to say, I bought the pack of 100 because, as someone once noted, I never really do these things in half measure. The way I looked at it, though, is that I would either create some nice cards for this year or I would have a fair amount of 140lb paper to play with in a fairly convenient form factor when split in two. Either way, I would use them.

I started playing with them today. So far, I have a couple of cards that I'm happy with. Simple, yet fun. I did have a third, but not at all happy with it. Lesson here: don't do washes. These are not 100% cotton, as far as I can find, and so they will buckle a lot with any real water volume.

Next up is to put some nice lettering on it. I suck at hand lettering, so I ordered some stencils from Amazon instead. Yeah, it's a cheat. :)