Mini Paint Haul

Popped into a Michaels today, just to kill a bit of time, and was poking around their clearance section...

Looks like Michaels, in Canada, are dropping the Daniel Smith watercolour line for some reason and that's a bonus for me. I really like their Primatek paints because they're so unique and create some very interesting effects and blends and, lo and behold, I managed to grab a mitt-full of Primatek paints I didn't have including:

I'm particularly excited by the Kyanite Genuine and Fuschite Genuine. The former was one that I actually had a hard time finding before and so I'm happy to get it for half the price. Yep, all of these were half, or better, off and so I saved somewhere in the neighbourhood of $80 - $90 on a full price purchase. I think I need to pay better attention to the clearance section at Michaels...

Note: Paint swatch images from Daniel Smith website. I hope they don't mind.


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