Time to Art - Flower Vine

So, I prepped up an image for the Copic 3-Colour Challenge for June, but while I'm waiting for the colours to actually arrive, I decided to transfer the image to watercolour paper and paint it.

So, for this process, I used my light pad to transfer the original image, though I did just the large elements and did the leaves on the vine on its own. I think I'll probably do the same when I copy it over for the Copics.

Once the image was taped down, I soaked the whole area with clean water and started painting a very light, and random, combination of lemon yellow and cobalt violet. The idea was to give the image background some interest and still be faint enough to go over with darker colours later. I did, however, avoid getting any paint into the main flower.

Once the background dried, which did take a while since I chose not to speed it up with my heat gun, I then used olive green to paint the main vine.

At this point, I did want it to feel loose, so I didn't concern myself too much with "staying in the lines" when doing the leaves. The leaves were done with lightened sap green and I just worked my way around the page, with a few minor accidents here and there.

Once all the leaves were dried, I went into the main flower. The center was done with indian red and with some perylene violet dropped in. The central flower portion was aureolin with rose madder dropped on it while wet. The goal was to create some texture and depth.

Finally, I did the outer flower with cobalt violet and darkened up areas to add some texture. As a result, the finished product: