SketchBox #2 - July

This month SketchBox seems to be on the theme of basic sketching with a selection of pencils and ink, notably:
  • Staedtler 0.3mm Triplus Fineliners in 10 different colours
  • 2 Derwent Procolour colour pencils (Distant Green & Burnt Yellow Ochre)
  • Sakura Microperm .05 fine liner
  • Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil set
  • Small, SketchBox logo, triangle ruler (6" or 15cm length)

Of real interest to me are the two coloured pencils. These are a new line by Derwent and I don't think they're yet generally available on the shelf (especially here in Canada). There are only two colours in this package, but I can get a feel for the lead with those and get some idea how they respond to solvents. In case you're curious to know more, Lisa Clough from Lachri Fine Arts has a video:

The other item that I like is the small ruler. It's really quite nicely done in a small, quite compact, form. Pretty much perfect for dropping in a sketch bag or pocket for when you want to wander about and still get a straight line or make some small measurements.

The Staedtler markers are a water-based ink, so I may try them out with watercolour to see how they blend in (I don't expect it to be waterproof). From the looks of it, these are not lightfast, so you're not going to be creating enduring art for the wall, but they do look like they could be fun for basic sketchbook sketching.

The Sakura Microperm pen claims waterproof and permanence once dry, but doesn't talk to lightfastness. I found that the pen does bleed a bit on basic sketch paper, but a lot of that is likely just the paper.

So, given the inky nature of this box, coupled with the bright colours, I decided to do a fun, stylistic, tree scene.

Just using the Staedtler markers, quickly sketched out. The paper here is pretty low-grade in a fairly inexpensive spiral bound sketch book that I bought quite a while ago. I've gotten pickier about that in recent months. Anyways, the markers are kind of fun.

I'm going to do a review soon on some new waterbrushes I picked up, so I plan test out some of these ink pens in conjunction with watercolour just to see what happens.