Art Video of the Week - 7 Habits

This week, Robin Clonts talks about the habits of successful artists as she does a few speed paintings of waves.

One of the things I like about Robins videos is how quirky she is! She definitely has a lot of fun doing them and I think that helps the viewer enjoy. Nevertheless, quirky or not, her skill is very evident and it's how she acquired that skill that is the subject of this video.

The first habit, the one that I often mention to others, is about working at it. It amazes me every time I see somebody remark on a really great piece of work and talk about the talent of the artist. Talent is an interesting thing, it may create a starting point for you, but it's the practice and dedication to the craft that will really make a difference and I don't do it nearly enough. In any case, I think the better compliment to the artist is to remark on their dedication to craft rather than their talent.