Blue Ridged Mountains

I watched this great tutorial by Ekatarina Smirnova on painting blue ridge mountains...

She talks you through the techniques on painting from the distance into the foreground, mixing the colours, and blending them. Needless to say, I tried this out and I think clearly need more practice! I knew that though...

My paper size was a bit bigger, but I think the real lesson on this front is that pan paints for very large washes are really challenging. The next time I attempt this, I'm going to use my tubes or my Hydrus colours instead and see if I can a larger amount of more consistent colour going.

In any case, it's fun! Try it. :)


  • Payne's Gray
  • French Ultramarine
  • Cerulean
  • Winsor Red
  • Raw Sienna
As an aside, I really like pale pink that the Winsor Red and Raw Sienna mix produces.