Earring kit

Okay, it's really, really been a while since I have posted here! However, be that as it may, I wanted to post about a new earring making kit I got from Amazon.

So, first, just wanted to note that the biggest reason that you haven't seen much on this blog is that I have been going through a major life journey and that has really consumed a lot of my energy. Now, however, I am on the far side of coming out and I feel like I have more energy for arts and crafts, hence the earrings!

The kit I got from Amazon comes with basically everything you need to get started, including the cutting moulds and even a hammer! It's actually really quite simple to use and you can be up and making your own faux leather earrings in no time.

Now, my general intention is to do most of my cutting using my Cricut Maker, but the nice thing about this kit is that you don't need to have one to get started. The process is pretty simple:

  1. Choose your faux leather
  2. Choose the shape on the cutting board
  3. Place the leather on the shape and then a translucent pad over top
  4. Lightly hammer around the shape until it cuts
  5. Remove the cut result
  6. Punch a hole (if needed) where the mold left a mark
  7. Thread a jump ring (supplied) and fish hook (supplied)
  8. Close and enjoy!
The kit does come with instructions, plus 100 jump rings and fish hooks to work with, so plenty of starter material.

So, for $36 Canadian on Amazon? Seems like a pretty good price to me! It's fun and you can make some really cute earrings in the process.

I have ordered some better quality material from Cricut, including some wood veneers, to try some fancier designs out, but in the meanwhile this is fun.