SketchBox #12 - Marker Time

My SketchBox arrived wayyyyyyy late this month, trouble with delivery, but arrive it did and loaded with markers...
So this month we have a couple of Copic markers: Copic Sketch (RV04) and a Copic Original (BG13). I didn't have the RV04 Sketch marker, which is nice, but I did have the other in the Sketch version. Trying to decide if I do a nib swap, the brush nib is probably more useful.

Complimenting the Copic markers were a couple of ShinHan Art Touch markers in "pale green" and "terracotta." Very similar to Copic Sketch and felt really nice in the hand. The blending seemed comparable and the feel of the brush was extremely similar, the thing that I noticed was that the brush vs chisel tip end wasn't easily seen unless you looked for it. Copics have the brush side indicated with a coloured edge at the end where you cap it.

The next marker was a Prismacolor Premier Chisel-Fine in "sand" and this is more comparable to the Copic original style with one end a chisel and the other a bullet. The thing is, the chisel is huge!

It's substantially bigger than the Copic nib, but seems to function similarly.

Lastly, there was a ShinHan Art Touch Liner and a Derwent drawing pencil in Chinese White. Did a little doodling with the marker, seems really nice, so I plan to try some additional things with it. The pencil does mark over the marker, it was included for highlighting.

All in all, some interesting choices and markers are a thing for me lately. I've been curious about the Touch markers, but I'll admit that I'd probably stick with Copics.

Quick update: Turns out the ShinHan Art markers do have a similar marking to Copics for the detecting the brush end. A little more subtle, maybe, but it's there.