Inktense Painting - Sunset on Desert Cliffs

After taking the doors and roof off of my Jeep and enjoying a nice drive out for lunch, I decided to do a little Inktense painting and kind of capture it as I go...

So, after getting the initial drawing down in red pencil and masking off part of the picture, I wet down the sky region and started laying in various sunset sky colours to create that bright, but fading glow.

After the sky was dry, I removed the masking fluid and began the layers of the cliffs.

Looking pretty ugly at this stage, but ugly stages should always be expected! Next up was to do a bit more on the surfaces as well as start to refine in the cliff walls and fissure.

Starting to look a little less ugly... Now I'm in layering mode, basically laying in the shadows to help define the cliff face edges more.

Still working on the cliff face... Refined a few edges as well.


Fun to do, I like Inktense as a medium, much of the same behaviours as watercolour, but doesn't lift after drying. That's also a disadvantage, sometime you want to be able to lift!