SketchBox #8 - A Fineliner Focus

This month's SketchBox arrived, a little later than usual, but it is the tail end of the holiday season. The focus this month is primarily on fineliners, but has a few additional items of interest.

Starting off, we have SketchBox Signature Fineliners, 12 set. This set comes with 12 different colours each in a 0.4mm tip and, given that they're alcohol-based, they should play well with markers like Copic and, from my limited tests, they did.

Next is the Magnetips Custom 2 Set fineliners with an interesting twist in that each end has a powerful magnet and so they can stick together and keep the cap secure when being used. It's a bit gimmicky, but people like magnets. The ink is water-based and also seemed to hold up to Copic usage in my limited test.

We also have a Kuretake Zig Gold Brush Pen. I think I messed up the cartridge, but I'm not entirely sure, it is however why you should read the label... In any event, I have to admit, I don't have a lot of use for gold ink, but I suppose if my lettering improves I might find it useful for cards or such. It's definitely gold coloured!

Carrying on with the Copics from last month, they included a Copic Wide in Warm Gray 7 (the colours varied, that's the one I got). It certainly allows for much more rapid coverage of large areas! My Copic collection has been growing, but this is the first I have in the warm grays.

Finally, a Uni-ball Signo White Gel Pen. These pens are enormously popular with watercolourists, especially in commercial arts. Purists might object, but these pens are used extensively to add in highlights and other area of white over darker colours. I'm not a purist, I just do this for fun, so I already had a mitt-full of these pens, they work great.

Anyways, cool box this month, some of these are quite likely to see some use. The fineliners, in particular, are nice to have.