SketchBox #7 - Copics!

This month, my SketchBox is featuring Copic markers. This is pretty neat because I've actually wanted to try these for some time, but never really got around to making an investment in them.

So, in the box is:

  • Light Grape Copic Sketch Marker
  • Ice Ocean Copic Sketch Marker
  • Olive Copic Ciao Marker
  • Blue Green Copic Ciao Marker
  • Derwent Sketching Pencil (4B)
  • Pentel Stylo Drawing Pen
  • SketchBox Signature Sketchbook
Let me start with the pencil, Derwent makes a good sketching pencil and I was able to put a super fine point on it using my long point sharpener, no issues. It's a 4B, so a pretty dark pencil, which means I'm not normally going to use it for a base sketch in which I plan to put transparent media over, but your mileage may vary.

The Pentel Stylo is a really nifty sketching pen. It has a very unusual tip that allows for angled and varied pressure to adjust line widths:

Despite the odd look and shape, the pen draws very smoothly and I'm really quite impressed with it. Pentel really makes some interesting drawing pens.

So, the Copic markers are pretty neat. The colour choices would not be my first picks, but I suppose that depends on the person. The feel of both styles was fine in my hand, not sure I would hesitate on either style, I suspect it just depends on what you are willing to pay on initial investment. Obviously, the Copic Sketch markers hold more ink, so last longer, but given that they're refillable, I'm not really sure that makes a big difference.

In any case, I can certainly see the addiction that people have to them. The nibs are smooth gliding, the ink is responsive, it layers and blends. I like! So, in any case, a little pop art:

The sketch book I'll save for later. I like the size of it, very close to the size I carry around in my coat pocket. However, because I do have one in my coat pocket...