Art Candy - Francesco del Cossa

The Italian Renaissance is a phenomenal period of art history, especially for painting. There are many well-recognized masters of that era that remain household names even today and for good reason, they produced an enormous body of very high quality work.

So while we tend to think of Michelangelo or DaVinci when we think Italian Renaissance, there are others of impressive skill such as Francesco del Cossa (1430 - 1477).

 Francesco is especially well known for his frescoes, a technique of painting with fresh poured plaster and using water to deliver the pigment. When you look at the images he produced, it is quite remarkable just how good the outcome is given the quite tricky medium he worked in!

Allegory of April

The Three Graces
Francesco wasn't limited to plaster painting either, he also delivered some intricately detailed stained glass:

St. John of Patmos
The Italian Renaissance is one of my favourite art periods, so I suspect that this will not be the last time we visit it.