Art Video of the Week - Watercolour Skin Tones

Anna Mason is a well-known artist from the UK who specializes in botanical watercolours with very realistic results using a personal technique that she has developed over time. If you're interested in the technique, you can sign up for her courses on her website, but in the meanwhile, I wanted to share this video from her Youtube channel with you which she has entitled "How to paint realistic skin tones in watercolour."

What I like about this video is really the demonstration of the power of layering in watercolour. She doesn't really tell you much about the colours in the skin, she focuses in on the building of value and how you can best see the full colour ranges as you build up the result. One of the reasons to get a value checker card is that we often "see" the darker regions lighter than they actually are and then that translates to our brush leaving the shadowed areas to light to create the realistic look.