Not Impressed - Body-chan/kun

I was really looking forward to getting the Body-kun/Body-chan figurines, but after trying poses and such for the last day I have to say: I'm not impressed.

The photo to the left is of the female figure, which is placed against the cutting mat grid for scale reference. I noted in my last post that she was about 5" high. This is, really, quite small and feels it more when you have it in your hand. The female figure, in particular, feels very flimsy and easily broken.

Speaking of broken... Look at the toe.

This doesn't stay in any position, it simply flops around freely. It's supposed to move into a few positions and hold them which, after all, is the point of a pose-able figure!

It doesn't really end there with this figure either...

The shoulder isn't sitting right, making it hard to position. All in all, the female figure is far too delicate to feel confident in adjusting correctly and having it hold. Speaking of having it hold, the bracket to hold the figure won't stay together either, so it easily falls out and the figure loses the position.

To be honest, most of my issues are with the female figure. The face/head is almost too child-like and the chest is a bit, well, over the top. Seriously, I want a realistic figure, not a weird fantasy model!

My advice? Save your money. The male figure is much better in terms of solidity, but for the price? Not worth it. These are not cheap, but they are definitely cheaply made and, as a result, I would definitely not recommend them to others.