Ikea Saturday or How I redid my Space

So, my home office/studio is the front parlour of our house and when I "moved" into it from my previous basement location, I had kept some of the furniture we had in the room. That changed this weekend...

So, this area is where most of the new is. The desk, from Ikea, is where I used to have a three-seat sofa bed. That's headed curbside, and the desk and the drawer set are new today. This is being set up as my art area and the light you can see is from daylight balanced LED bulbs. An older Ikea CD shelf serves as additional storage and, of course, I have the ubiquitous cart that every Youtube artist seems to have.

The space continues around to where I now have my easel. Which, if you're wondering is from Artristic  and I'm really very pleased with it. One of the things that I like about this desk is the shelves at the bottom. For me, that is now paper and pencil storage (yes, I have an insane amount of pencils).

Continuing on (geeze, you wouldn't know that I also do photography with these cell phone pics), is a tall table currently covered in computer equipment I'm looking to sell. Drop a note if you're interested. ;)

Computing space #1 is where I have my new Surface Studio (and hence the reason for the sale of the Mac gear). I haven't actually reviewed the Surface Studio yet, but from a sneak-peak perspective, I love it. For somebody really into photography and art, it scratches a lot of itches. Never thought I would be throwing an "atta-boy" Microsoft's way, but there you have it.

Computing space #2 is where my Surface Book is. Yep, all Surface now. The Surface Book is nice, it'll be handy when travelling for fun and working on photos. I really considered the iPad pro in this context but the problem is that the photo apps are very weak in comparison to the full-blown Photoshop suite. This does a decent job with D800 images and the display is really very well done.

Anyways, there's the quick tour of the re-imagined space.