Art Video of the Week - Glazing in Watercolour

Back to watercolour!

In this article, Steve Mitchell (A.K.A. The Mind of Watercolor) brings us a video on the topic of glazing.

Glazing is a well known, and heavily practiced, oil painting technique in which very thin washes of oil colour are stacked to create a deep and luminous look. This is also something that you can do with watercolour as it is already a thin and transparent medium.

As usual with Steve, he walks you through the concept with simple and easy to follow examples. However, I think the thing that I liked the most is his admonishment that this is a technique for the patient: you must let each layer dry before going to the next.

Anyways, give it a go! I don't have a sample from me, at this point, but it's to come. In the meanwhile, check out Steve's YouTube channel where you can find an absolute treasure trove of great tutorials on watercolour painting.