Art Video of the Week - Foggy Watercolours

This week I'm featuring How to Paint Fog with Watercolor by Deb Watson:

You should also check out her YouTube channel and her website for more info and art.

So, what did I like? The technique! Most fog/cloud techniques I've seen involve the use of tissue to lift off the paint to create the look, but this technique (with some dry brush activity) goes a different direction. I also liked the nice pace with the clear description of what she was doing each step of the way.

Now for my first attempt...

As always, practice, practice, practice. So, here's another go...

I think this technique works really well and is generally easy to pick up the essential concepts as a beginner. It just comes down to water control.

As small trivia note, it was this day, last year, that I did my first watercolour painting: