Art Haul Tuesday!

The mail delivery was really good to me today with the arrival of not only the set of charcoal drawing tools from General's, but also my two Body Kun drawing figures.

Recently I got curious about the difference between working with charcoal vs graphite and the General's Charcoal Drawing Set was very reasonably priced on Amazon. I'm already a fan of the brand when it comes to graphite, so I went ahead and ordered the set.

Body Kun figurines are designed to be more life-like and pose-able than your more traditional wooden manikins and I had seen them available several times before I finally pulled the trigger on buying them.

So... unboxing time!

The male figure with all of the parts. Notice the accessory collection which includes a couple of cell phone options, a pen/pencil, computer, tablet, pistol and, of course, a sword. These are, after all, intended for Manga work!

The stand is mostly transparent and is there to help you pose the figure. The box behind is where the stand attaches and the spare parts are stored.

The female figure also comes with all of the same accessories. She stands about 5 inches and the male is 6 inches, allowing for some fairly standard proportioning when posing the two together.

So, very cool. I'm looking forward to trying these out over the coming weeks.

The charcoal set comes with the pieces you see above and can see:

A really good variety of types and weights. I still find the idea of white charcoal to be a bit funny, but why not? The big thing with these? Dusty as all get out! I didn't picture the drawing pad, but it's basically 5x8 or so and simple paper. The top sheet, not all that surprising, is dirty from the charcoal dust that made its way around the insides of the box during shipping.

Well, happy Tuesday!