Art Candy - John French Sloan

John French Sloan (1871 - 1951) was an American painter of the American Realism movement and a member of the Ashcan School that specialized in scenes of New York City.

American Realism is an art movement that was born in the explosion of growth and change in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th century. As waves of immigrants traveled to the States to start new lives, the American Realism movement sought to capture the energy of that time through depictions of realistic scenes of every day people in every day situations.

A fine example of Sloan's painting depicts a common bar scene of the time:

McSorley's Bar - 1912
Sloan wasn't necessarily limited to American Realism, he also delved into political commentary as seen with this anti-war sketch:

After the War, a Medal and Maybe a Job - 1914 
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