SketchBox #3 - August

This month, the SketchBox arrived with:
  • Two bottles of acrylic ink (cyan and shock yellow light) from Montana (the company, not the state)
  • Two 0.7mm Montana empty markers
  • One 2mm Montana empty marker
  • Derwent Graphik Line Painter (the colour is called "tickled" of all things)
  • Pack of Strathmore Artist Tiles in black (4x4 inch, 30 in the pack)

I like this months box, really. The paints are water-based acrylic, quite opaque, and can be mixed on paper and inside the pens. I haven't seen the Montana brand around in Ontario, but I'm willing to guess that other acrylics like the Liquitex inks also work in them. Still, now that I've tried them, I think I may poke around to see if they are more available and I just hadn't noticed.

In any case, the empties were a little fussy to fill, there's a spring-based plunger mechanism that needs to be removed so you can top up the marker. Other than that, once you get it flowing, it's nice and reasonably smooth to flow the ink. Anyways, I gave it a go with a really simply flower:

The center of the flower was the result of mixing the pink with the yellow on the paper while still wet. Anyways, I think this is a fun box and, from what I understand, the ink can be used on a variety of surfaces, so if I feel an urge to try on something other than paper, I'll post an update.