Art Video of the Week - Painting Cherries

YouTube is, of course, loaded with tutorials on painting or drawing various food items and some are better than others. These two videos (yep, a bonus video) show two different approaches to the problem and come out with pretty high levels of realism as a result.

First up, we have How to paint Cherry in watercolor - Step by step tutorial by Art@Fadil:

This technique uses multiple layers of wet-in-wet to build up that colour on the cherries and then follows up with scraping to expose the highlights. As you can see, the colour is deep and rich.

Next, we have How to Paint Cherries in Watercolor by Leonardo Pereznieto:

Also similar buildup of colour, but in this video the highlights are preserved by technique in painting rather than after scraping. I find, with this approach, the highlights are less harsh and seem to blend in a bit more.

Here's my go at some cherries...

I'm pretty pleased for a first go at it. I think my regret here is using the Hydrus concentrated colours as they're more staining than some other options.